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Meeting your needs for compliance and roadway safety...

EnMotion Wellness, PLLC. doctors are listed on the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.


Our professional clinical staff have completed training, proficiency and testing requirements according to the 49 CFR Part 40 and 49 CFR Part 390.5 federal guidelines.

Secure Testing On-site at your Facility

Texas Transportation Code Annotated §521.022 (Vernon Supp): Title 37 Texas Administrative Code §14.12, requires all Texas school bus drivers to undergo an annual medical examination.

We now offer D.O.T Physicals on-site

at your district location!

Our program meets all TxDPS, DOT, and FMCSA requirements. We will provide certified medical personnel, all necessary equipment and paperless registration required to conduct the D.O.T Physicals. Our program is administered in a professional, timely and confidential manner, with the average time from arrival to departure estimated to be around 30 minutes. All bus driver D.O.T Physicals and examination results will be maintained by 3bExams secure software after completion. Our program is oriented towards meeting the annual Bus driver and or Coaches D.O.T. Physical requirements. This membership co-operative will provide a discounted cost for your D.O.T Physical and examination. There is a minimum of 10 physicals/examinations per site visit.

          For Scheduling: Contact EnMotion Wellness’s (Dr. Troy Robinson DC, CME)

                               at Office: 210-714-0911 or Cell: 210-708-7748